Conical Washers

Conical washers are known for their ability to provide the highest load bearing capacity with low deflection range. conical washers are commonly used to maintain the tension in assemblies when there are conditions of thermal expansion and contraction. concal washers are designed to support relatively high loads with relatively small deflection. We are highest production of conical washers manufacturers in india.Their variable load-deflection characteristics depend on the ratio of height to thickness.

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Conical Washer DIN 6796

Conical Washer (DIN 6796)

Conical Washer Hot Dip Galvanized

Conical Washer (Hot Dip Galvanized)

Conical Washer Natural Black

Conical Washer (Natural Black)

Conical Washers (As per DIN 6796)

Finish / Colours

Heat Treated Black
Zinc Plated
Mechanical Galvanized
Natural Black
Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG)

Grades (Raw Material)

C60, C65, C70, C75, C80, C85
Raw material can be used as per customer requirement.