HSFG Washers

We are highest production of HSFG washers manufacturers in india. The F436 hardened flat washers are used under the head of a high strength bolt or similar external threaded fasteners. Its usually made of medium carbon steel through hardened or carburized to a higher strength mechanical properties. Its usually supplied with ASTM A325 high strength bolt and A563 heavy hex nut.

We are also manufacturer & exporter of spring washers, flat washers, rectangular washers, square washers, special purpose washers, conical washers, pack washers, high tensile washers, hsfg washers, industrial washers, anti theft nuts, pal nuts, carriage bolts, hex bolts, hex screws, structural bolts to International Market from India.

HSFG Washer Hot Dip Galvanized

HSFG Washer (Hot Dip Galvanized)

HSFG Washer IS 6649

HSFG Washer (IS 6649)

HSFG Washers (As per 6649 & Stamping as per Requirement)

Finish / Colours

Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG)
Auto Black
Natural Black
Heat Treated Black

Grades (Raw Material)

Raw material can be used as per customer requirement.