Our Infrastructure

Our dedicated team, an effective quality system, a hyper modern machine park and extended production, supply and distribution facilities, contribute to maximum customer satisfaction!

We believe in the fact that infrastructural set-up plays a pivotal role in ensuring the growth and success of a company. Therefore, we have developed a large and capaciously built infrastructural facility at our end that is equipped with modern machines and equipment required for timely meeting of the requirements of our clients. Moreover, utmost emphasis is laid by us to use the available resourced to the maximum level as it ensures the proficiency and efficiency of the company. Besides, to manage and handle these machines and resources we have with us an adroit team of professionals that include technocrats, supervisors, engineers and other skilled workers.

Process management

With our spacious logistical and production facilities SNB offers you flexible packaging solutions in which process management and quality management are important key elements. We can operate in accordance with specifications that you state as the customer; everything is possible! Sond Nuts & Bolts expertly takes over expensive operational processes, resulting in attractive savings for you!


We have a well equipped Packaging Unit, where we pack our products in a manner which keeps the products highly safe. Thus the main importance is given to the safe delivery of the product, so that the final product dispatched to the client is the same as the one as received by him.

Testing Process

We have an in built Testing Unit as a part of our infrastructure. This testing unit has been installed so as to assure that the products are manufactured in exact accordance to the industrial standards. It is well equipped with all the necessary gadgets, tools & instruments.

Sond India Nuts & Bolts

Our Manufacturing Unit

Our professionally organized company is perfectly suitable for the continual manufacturing operation at our production unit. We are equipped with advanced machinery and tools that allow us to have a constant production flow. Owing to strong infrastructural support, we have been able to manufacture high-end products. All the machines at our unit is regularly oiled and maintained properly to make sure that maximum production is delivered.

Sond India Fasteners Infrastructural Unit 1

Unit No. 1

Sond India Nut & Bolts Company View

Company Inner View

Sond India Fasteners Raw Material

Raw Material in Stock

Sond India Fasteners Raw Material

Raw Material in Stock

Sond India Fasteners Tool Room

Tool Room

Sond India Fasteners Tooling Section

Tooling Section

Sond India Fasteners Press Section

Press Section

Sond India Fasteners Press Section

Press Section

Fasteners Work in Progress

Header In Progress

Sond India Fasteners Bolts Manufacturing

Bolt Manufacturing

Sond India Fasteners Bolt Trimming

Bolt Trimming

Sond India Fasteners Rolling Machine

Rolling Machine

Sond India Fasteners Bolt Maker Machine

Bolt Maker Machine

Sond India Fasteners Spring Washer Coiling Machine

Spring Washer Coiling Machine

Sond India Fasteners Spring Washer Cut Off Machine

Spring Washer Cut Off Machine

Sond India Stock of finished products

Finished Product In Stock

Sond India Fasteners Packaging Section

Packaging Section

Sond India Fasteners Pallet Packaging

Pallet Packaging